Waterloo Street Gym

The gym is housed in 1500 square feet and is designed specifically for small group training.  There is a 18ft x 18ft boxing ring along with 7 bags and wall bags.  Along with this is a 60 squ metre matted area for fitness and technique work.  We have a full set of hand weights, barbells, benches, running machine, stepper, powerbags, kettlebells, dip and jump bar, chin up bar, gymnastic rings, medicine balls, sledge hammer and truck tyres, power sledges and many many other sport specific training equipment and all are commercial standard.  The classes run from 1 to 3 hours long and they follow the guidelines as set out by the top muay thai gyms in the world.  You receive trainer lead padwork from staff with decades of experience along with training circuits that are optimised to ensure that they achieve the best results for the types of gains we are looking for in a combat athlete.  You will be trained in the stand up art of clinch which is the mainstay of the muay thai fighter.  Muay Thai is not simply boxing with some kicking or is it a pasteurised version as in kickboxing.  It is quite simply muay thai as fought in the stadiums of the world.  Ensure that you are training real muay thai.

The gym can be booked out for private lessons either by individuals or groups

This could be for fighters wanting more intensive preparation for fights to private training sessions to help maintain fitness and weight.  Corporate groups are welcome to book in groups of 6 per instructor.  We cater from beginners to the serious professional fighter.


Quality Equipment.

All the pads are leather and brand names such as sandee, twins and Top King so that you are able to deliver the technique with full power.


Take a Look.

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Por ProminMuay Thai Gym

Check out Por Promin Muay Thai Gym. Our head trainer Gilly has trained with these guys in Thailand and cannot sing their praises enough. The dedication and skill from everyone at the gym is truely unbelivable and the talent the memebers have is second to none. Back in England at our own gym we work hard to provide a standard that meets our friends gym based all the way across the world because we believe in keeping and teaching the tradition and skills of true Muay Thai training.




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